Financial Management

Financial Management

Verto Solutions takes care of your money. Verto Solutions provides a full range of financial services for both new and existing non-profits such as financial planning, investment management, and the establishment and ongoing management of a fair and equitable dues structure for our clients. We support the daily needs of our clients by providing accounting and tax preparation services, regulatory filings, securing and maintaining adequate levels of insurance and the management of the annual financial statement audit process.

Finance and Administration staff work directly with the board of directors of the firm’s clients to help prepare and monitor their budgets and cash flow. The financial management team routinely reviews the financial targets of clients and provides them with monthly financial analysis and reporting, including as little or as much detail as they require.

Verto Solutions now handles approximately $13 million of client funds, $3.5 million of which are in actively managed investments.

Accuracy, integrity and reliability are the foundations of Verto’s Financial Management Team.

For more information about Verto Solutions Financial Management contact Sue Knudsen, Director of Finance and Administration.