Verto Solutions

Scientific Consulting

One third of the Verto Solutions staff are experienced scientists, including several with Master’s degrees and five with PhDs. Our staff excels in the management of scientific and technical programs such as the design and successful conduct of large-scale safety studies, the development and publication of reports on a variety of scientific and technical subjects relevant to our clients’ businesses, and the collection and analysis of proprietary safety information from member companies.
Our scientific staff has extensive expertise in the safety assessment of low-volume food, drug and cosmetic constituents such as flavors, fragrances and color additives. Our approach is based on the principle of evaluating the safety of individual substances within their structurally related groups enabling us to make maximum interpretive value of a limited number of studies of related materials. This approach has proved invaluable over many years to the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association and has been lauded for its contributions to the to the Environmental Protection Agency’s High Production Volume Program.

If there is one thing that sets Verto Solutions apart from the average trade association management company, it is our ability to take high quality scientific and technical work and fully integrate it with public policy, regulatory and legislative advocacy, and the business needs of our clients. As we like to say, our advocacy is firmly grounded in good science and good science here is firmly oriented toward regulatory, legislative, and business needs.

Not everyone needs scientific program management and consulting, but if you do need scientific advice to go along with the rest of your association management work, look no further than Verto Solutions.

For more information about Verto Scientific Services, download a full listing of our capabilities, or contact Sean Taylor or Christie (Gavin) Harman.